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Linking creative places all over the world

Linking ground hubs and cloud communities all over the world.

What are hubs?

When registering you have the option to link yourself to one of the physical locations or become part of the online Addictlab community. That way, your local community can grow, and Yola is offering the community tools for that.
We define GROUND communities and CLOUD communities. 
We are always on the lookout for new communities to join us. 

Creative Ring Hubs
Conditions to be a Creative Ring hub can be found on www.creativering.eu. Yet YourOwnLab welcomes other communities to link up.

What are hubs?

YourOwnLab wants to reunite creative communities, beehives and inspiring places. 

Why become a hub?

YourOwnLab wants to connect as much as creative people as possible. Via Cloud communities, online, but also physical locations. We partner up with the Creative Ring - www.creativering.eu, an organisation linking physical spaces throughout Europe. In order to be a Creative Ring hub, please check application conditions on their website.
But YourOwnLab is open to all places with a vibrant community and creative people.

Process: Your "Ground Lab" should represent a local and active creative community, with an agenda to discover and accelerate new creative talent. 
YourOwnLab can help you deploying that agenda.

Free portfolio for your members.
Once you are on our ground and cloud hub list, your 'members' - visitors to your space, your community -  can register on Yola or YourOwnLab and link themselves to your hub. This is free! So with Yola you have a tool to visualise your community.

On hub level:
Every hub receives a dedicated page on the Yola app and site showing its labmembers and - when applicable  -  labs. Since a lab - our name for a cross over collaborative research project - can also be linked to your hub. Conditions for labs apply.

Collaborative research:
Yola boasts a number of tools and methodologies for collective intelligence. Your hub could benefit from that and offer this to local clients or invite your local community to take part in one of the active labs on Yola.

What you should do:
activate the community. We strongly recommend a lab ambassador that can be the liason between your place and Yola. We have all required tools to help, but it should come from inside..

Some ground-cloud activities scenarios we 'd like to see happening...
- someone from your hub registers on yola, is exhibited in your place, and his/her work shared on the Yola platform.
- He/she is invited by another hub to come over and work/exhibit there.
- Someone from the yola community visits your city and is inspired by your place. He/she comes over for a meet up.
- We organise a physical brainstorm session in your hub.
- Clients and companies contacting you to enjoy one of the tools and services Yola offers, and we agree on a collaboration
- the Yola magazine shows talent and activities from your hub, and is distributed throughout all other hubs (project in process - conditions apply)

Why become a hub?

Why & how to partner up with YourOwnLab and have your hub on the hub list?